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John Almirante
Winner in the Tcl Category of the ActiveState
2002 Programmers' Choice Active Awards
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
IBM Certified Solutions Expert
Citrix Certified Administrator
8 Dr. Lazcano St., Quezon City, Philippines
(632) 658-7201 • Cell 63-919-440-3899
(632) 372-3357 • 372-3356 • Fax 372-3358
Brainbench Certified in
Linux Administration (General)
Transcript ID # 2600519
  Employment History            
Employed by Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA) Philippines and responsible for administering & assuring the continuous availability of the local network, communications infrastructure, and vital remote connections Aug. 2003 - Oct. 2004
Made a permanent employee by CLSA Philippines after the completion of the probationary contract October 2003
Accepted by CLSA Philippines as a Network Administrator on a probationary basis August 2003
Employed by Artistic Expressions, Ltd. and responsible for administering & assuring the continuous availability of the call center network & the remote domains of the parent company Nov. 2001 - July 2003
Made a permanent employee by Artistic Expressions after the completion of the probationary contract April 2002
Accepted by Artistic Expressions as a Network/Systems Administrator on a probationary basis and given domain administrator privileges October 2001
Worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer on the ScanEngine software quality assurance team in Trend Micro after passing the QA acceptance exam May - Oct. 2001
Contractual status upgraded to probationary by Trend Micro June 2001
Participated in and passed training course & acceptance exam on Trend anti-virus products, software quality assurance process basics, UNIX basics, NT core, TCP/IP, IIS, anti-virus basics, & network essentials, with averages of 90% Feb - April 2001
Accepted by Trend Micro as a Quality Assurance Engineer Trainee in the Quality Assurance Department, on a contractual basis for training February 2001
Owned and operated a CD duplication business in Quezon City 1998 - 2000
Owned and operated an Internet cafι called HaKurZ Internet Arcade in Taytay, Rizal 1997 - 1999
Owned and operated a desktop publishing business in Quezon City 1991 - 1993
  Career Objectives            
• To join a strong, stable, and employee-friendly company which can provide a secure livelihood and long-term benefits such as medical and life insurance which will go a long way to supporting my growing family.
• To join a company which constantly invests in the latest technologies in a wide variety of technical areas which would provide the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in various fields of expertise.
• To join a company in which I can contribute my knowledge and skills, a company which offers work that is challenging, work that will help me develop and enhance my skills and allow me to work with and learn from talented people, and allow me the oppurtunity to pursue I.T. certifications.
• To acquire prestigious information technology certifications such as Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Java Programmer Certification.
  Recent Personal Achievements        
• Became a Citrix Certified Administrator after passing the Citrix 1Y0-218 exam on first attempt with a score of 88 June 2003
• Became an IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 V7.1 Administration after passing the IBM DB2 513 Administration exam on second attempt with a score of 95 February 2003
• Winner of the 2002 Programmer's Choice Active Awards in the Tcl category ( sponsored by ActiveState, for creating TestGuru, a free educational/testing software whose homepage is at September 2002
• Became an IBM Certified Specialist - DB2 V7.1 User after passing the IBM DB2 512 Family Fundamentals exam on first attempt with a score of 67 September 2002
• Nominated as one of five finalists in the Tcl category of the 2002 Programmer's Choice Active Awards sponsored by ActiveState, for creating TestGuru, a free educational/testing software whose homepage is at July 2002
• Became Brainbench Master Certified in Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98) on first attempt and tied for 3rd out of 2,023 from the Philippines who took this exam. March 2002
• Passed Microsoft Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam for MCPs Certified on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Exam 70-240 December 2001
• Became Brainbench Certified in Linux Administration (General) on fourth attempt and ranked 127th out of 529 from the Philippines who took this exam September 2001
• Became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer by passing the Microsoft Exchange Server Exam 70-081 on first attempt with a score of 820. May 2001
• Passed Microsoft Proxy Server Exam 70-088 on first attempt with a score of 867 April 2001
• Became Brainbench Certified in MS Windows 2000 Server Administration on first attempt and ranked 3rd out of 65 from the Philippines who took this exam. March 2001
• By self-study of commonly available materials and without paying for review classes or courses, using only practical experience and stock knowledge, I earned Microsoft Certified Professional certification and passed all core MCSE exams on first attempt with no score lower than 900 out of 1000 2000
  Pertinent Skills              
• Creative/Technical Writing Skills
Fiction/Science Fiction Story Writing
Technical Documentation
Reviews of Technical Products such as Books, Software, or Hardware
Editing and Proof Reading of Material
• Technical Skills
Software Quality Assurance (Rational Visual Test)
Programming (TCL/TK and VBscript)
Linux integration and replacement of Windows servers and workstations in a Windows domain
Linux Systems Administration (Squid, ipchains, and DNS)
Windows NT and 2000 Domain Administration
Network Administartion (Cisco PIX, Cisco 2600, and Nuera F200ip)
Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and 2000 and Lotus Domino
Trend Micro Anti-Virus Products
Citrix Metaframe 1.8 and XP
  Duties at CLSA Philippines          
• Fulfill the role of I.T. Manager for CLSA Philippines to plan and implement I.T. and other technology-related projects for the regional office
• Analyze the requirements of the office and determine, plan, and implement the most cost-effective solutions
• Manage technology expenditures and determine and implement cost-saving measures
• Confer with CLSA I.T. head office in Hong Kong and I.T. Managers in other regional offices in order to coordinate efforts and implement regional plans
• Communicate with CLSA I.T. Helpdesk and other CLSA I.T. departments to request assistance in resolving issues within the deparments' areas of responsibility and expertise
• Coordinate with vendors to negotiate service contracts, request for vendor support services, and purchase equipment and assist vendors during service calls
• Troubleshoot issues with communication lines, communications equipment and remote network connections, with emphasis on equipment and connections utilized in stock exchange trading
• Provide immediate solutions to problems or implement backup contingencies and contact and coordinate with vendors until issues are resolved
• Perform maintainance tasks and troubleshoot issues with the local network, workstations, servers, and common software applications
• Monitor servers, network devices, and remote network connections and provide technical support to users
• Assist the accounting and settlements department in encoding and processing settlements data and printing accounting forms
  Duties at Artistic Expressions        
• Primarily responsible for implementing Linux solutions within the company. Integrate Linux servers into the Windows 2000 domain and migrate workstations and servers to Linux. Responsible for researching Linux solutions to issues.
• Ensure network security and monitor, administer, and maintain the local network and domain. Implement new hardware and components to upgrade the local network.
• Responsible for monitoring and administering remote Windows and Exchange servers in different remote domains of the parent company.
• Responsible for monitoring, configuring, and troubleshooting Citrix clients and the remote Citrix server farm.
• Monitor and troubleshoot broadband network connections together with all associated network devices
• Provide technical support to users in the call center and local office.
  Duties at Trend Micro            
• Responsible for developing installation package for Trend PIT Management Console and test scripts. September 2001
• Conducted Product Integration Testing for ScanMail for Lotus Notes and ScanEngine testing for AlphaNT platform to verify stability of new ScanEngine with rollover function. August 2001
• Responsible for maintaining and testing of the AlphaNT platform and AlphaNT ScanEngine. July - Oct. 2001
• Setup a Lotus Domino and Trend ScanMail for Lotus Notes web server and networked messaging environment and created test scripts to automate the test case process, using Rational Visual Test to manipulate the ScanMail web interface and the ScanMail Notes configuration application May 2001
• Responsible for maintaining, documenting, and conducting Product Integration Testing on a Lotus Domino and Trend ScanMail for Lotus Notes environment. May - Oct. 2001
  Accomplishments at CLSA Philippines      
• Prepared the local domain for migration to the new CLSA Active Directory domain by preparing the HP ProLiant DL360 G3 server for remote configuration by CLSA I.T. head office by installing Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition and deactivating the old backup domain controller April 2004
• Migrated user desktop PCs from Windows NT 4 Workstation to Windows XP Professional by migrating all user settings and applications from old Pentium III PCs to newly purchased replacement Pentium 4 PCs using Alohabob PC Relocator Ultra without disrupting users' work and upgraded remaining Pentium III PCs March - April 2004
• Optimized budget costs for the migration of user desktop PCs from NT 4 Workstation to XP Professional by haggling with the vendor, analyzing requirements, and determining the minimal required number of new replacement Pentium 4 PCs as well as optimal amount of memory and hard disk upgrades required to run Windows XP for the remaining Pentium III PCs. Sourced difficult to find PC100 compatible memory for the older PCs. February - March 2004
• Created a new Business Continuity Plan based on my analysis of the critical business systems required by CLSA Philippines to continue operations in case of emergencies and also based on previous, outdated emergency contingency plans and the more recent SARS contingency plan February - March 2004
• Resolved issues with critical leased line network connection between CLSA Philippines and Philippine Stock Exchanged used by the Maktrade system which is vital for trading activities. Contacted and coordinated with the vendor and CLSA I.T. Regional Coordinator to acquire and install a Cisco 2500 series device to be used in place of the defective RAD MBE-8 bridge device. Negotiated a support contract with the vendor Nov. - Dec. 2003
• Provided solution for backup phone lines for office trunkline by ordering new direct phone lines March - April 2004
• Successfully migrated and configured accounting users' Smartstream software March 2004
• Pressed PLDT to deliver better service on our phone lines, particularly for international outgoing calls August 2003 - April 2004
• Canvassed and ordered a new Laserjet printer after determining the defective unit needed replacement January 2004
• Documented network infrastructure of CLSA Philippines, reflecting all local and remote connections Nov. - Dec. 2003
• Upgraded Norton Anti-Virus software to version 8 on all workstations and servers August 2003
  Accomplishments at Artistic Expressions      
• Configured multipath routing on the Linux gateway so that fault-tolerance and load balancing could be provided for the Internet connection using two broadband connections from two different service providers May - June 2003
• Setup Linux workstations and users to access their folders on the NAS network share through the Samba client. Configured login profiles, desktops, and permissions so that, upon login, users automatically had access only to their own folders. March 2003
• Installed the company's first Linux server to replace the Microsoft Proxy Server in order to function as the network's proxy server, firewall, and router by installing Red Hat 7.2 and configuring ipchains and the Squid Internet cache June - December 2002
• Introduced Linux into the company by replacing the Windows OS on all call center workstations with Red Hat Linux 7.2 and configuring network and Citrix session access without any loss of functionality April 2002
• Setup of Apache web and DNS server June 2003
• Configure Inter-tel PBX for DISA access to outgoing calls April - June 2003
• Troubleshooting of VOFR phone lines and the frame relay connection January - March 2003
• Integration of Linux mail server in Windows domain June - October 2002
• Troubleshooting of VOFR phone lines and the frame relay connection May - August 2002
• Configuration of Citrix sessions to work with new Citrix Metaframe XP server May - August 2002
• Implementation of Cisco PIX Firewall May - July 2002
• PABX system expansion May 2002
• Installation of video server February - May 2002
• Improvement of the reliability of Citrix session connections February - April 2002
• Improvement of the voice quality of call center VOFR phone lines Nov. 2001 - Jan. 2002
  Accomplishments at Trend Micro        
• Awarded Best Performer for QA Group for May 2001 by Trend Micro for achieving the best performance rating in the Quality Assurance department. June 2001
• Passed training course & acceptance exam on Trend anti-virus products, software quality assurance process basics, UNIX basics, NT core, TCP/IP, IIS, anti-virus basics, & network essentials, with averages of 90% & accepted for work as a Quality Assurance Engineer, assigned to the ScanEngine team Feb - April 2001
  Overview of Technology Skills            
Quality Assurance Software Quality Assurance Rational Visual Test JP Software 4NT
  Programming     TCL/TK Pascal Xbase
VBScript Perl PHP and SQL
BASIC/Visual Basic Javascript
Web Technologies Lotus Domino web server Apache Web development
Microsoft IIS Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 MySQL
Messaging Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Microsoft Exchange 2000 Lotus Notes
Microsoft Outlook Web Access Lotus Domino R5 Microsoft Outlook 2000
Security Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Cisco PIX 506 Firewall Squid Internet Cache
Trend Micro Anti-Virus Products Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition Computer Associates InocuLAN
Ipchains and iptables Cisco 2600 Series Modular Router
Systems Administration
Remote Terminal Access Remote Administrator
Citrix Metaframe 1.8 Microsoft Terminal Services X-Windows
Citrix Metaframe XP NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing VNC Server for Linux and Windows
Server Software Windows NT 4 Server Windows 2000 Server Sun Solaris
Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Windows 2003 Server Samba
Veritas Backup Exec Linux
Desktop Operating Systems Windows XP Professional Linux BeOS and QNX
Windows XP Home IBM OS/2 and Apple MacOS DOS and Windows 3.1
Windows 2000 Professional Windows NT 4 Workstation Windows 95 and 98
Network Administration
Network and Communications Hardware Cisco 2600 Series Modular Router Nuera Access Plus F200ip VFRAD TASKE Automated Call Distribution system
Cisco PIX 506 Firewall Panasonic PBX system Inter-Tel PBX system
3com SuperStack Switches Telco Systems EdgeLink 300 Quantum Snap Server 2200
HP ProLiant DL360 G3 Server Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2 Server Compaq ProLiant ML350 Server
Network Infrastructure Routing Virtual Private Networking DSL Broadband
Multipath Routing Peer-to-Peer Cable Internet
Subnetting Voice over Frame Relay Dial-up
Network Address Translation Frame Relay Dial-up leased line
Remote Administration ISDN Ethernet
Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain NT and Windows 2000 Domain