You have reached the SourceForge developer homepage of John Almirante, the developer of TestGuru.

About this Site

This is the developer homepage of John Almirante on SourceForge. SourceForge provides webhosting for developers who have registered as SourceForge users. This is in addition to the webhosting for software projects.

I became a registered user of SourceForge on June 22, 2001 at the same time I registered my first open source software project, TestGuru, an education/testing software created using Tcl/Tk.

My homepage used to be hosted at I created my Geocities site on September 12, 2001. With the closure of Geocities on October 26, 2009, I had to find a new homepage.

I am grateful to SourceForge for providing developers with webhosting, not only for their software, but also for personal use.

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